06 August 2021

Allahabad University

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Rajesh Srivastava:- Hello, i am extremely excited to see that this has come out well, and working fairly effectively. In due course this would surely become a reacher platform. Hopefully this will become our platform to remain connected with everyone in time to come. I do look forward to interacting with everyone here more often than on whatsapp !!!
Mala Sinha:- Welcome to the Forum . Will wait for some days till some more of you log in . Then will seek ideas to plan some thing small and effective on Mental Health awareness.
Aditya Banerjee:- Thank you so much for the amazing time seniors! Hope to see you all again next year.
Harshita Kesarwani:- Hello Mamta
Mamta Srivastava:- Hi Harshita!
Harshita Kesarwani:- @Mamta, Please check if we have uploaded all the HRDM 1st batch members here. Also uploaded the Faculty Names, more about them may be added later

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