02 December 2021

Allahabad University

Psychology Alumni Association

Managing Committee

The Managing Committee:

Prof. Rashmi Kumar, President

Ms. Harshita Kesarvani, Vice President

Dr. Kavita S. Agarwal, Hony. Secretary

Ms. Madhurima Srivastava, Joint Secretary

Prof. Namita Pande, Treasurer

The Executive Council:

Prof. Komilla Thapa, Executive Member

Prof. Neena Kohli, Executive Member

Prof. Yoganand Sinha, Executive Member

Dr. Archana Pandey, Executive Member

Shri. Hira Singh, Executive Member

Shri. Pawan Kumar Dwivedi, Executive Member

Prof. Mala Sinha, Executive Member

Dr. Deepak Gupta, Executive Member

Prof. Anjali Srivastava, Executive Member

Prof. Mahima Thakur, Executive Member

Prof. Sandip Anand, Executive Member

Prof. Rohit Dwivedi, Executive Member

Prof. Shubhra Prateek Gaur, Executive Member

Shri Vijay Kumar Pandey, Executive Member

Shri. Rajesh Srivastava, Executive Member

Shri Ajay Chandra Sadhuneni, Executive Member

The Executive Council comprises of members actively involved in working of the association and city chapter heads from different cities to organize events to serve the purpose of the association.